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This is getting off APRS, but the goal is to effectively have NO difference in power between the base and handset.  Wireless carriers use high gain antennas usually arranged in 3 branch diversity gain and hooked to a receive multicoupler to bring the signal from the mobiles up.  We also use all of our statistic reporting tools to see whether the base is too hot (or quiet) in relation to the mobiles and make adjustments from there.  And of course the handsets all back down their power as the base gets stronger according to parameters set at the base (we can run the handsets a little higher or lower if necessary).


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  Well just about the time I understood Cell Operation, I learn some thing new.  At one time Cell mobiles were only allowed to have an antenna with max 3db gain even though there were 5 db antennas on the market.  Also, mobiles ran 3 watts while hand helds were 600 mw.  I never could understand why 25 and 50 watt base stations were used.  I realize that duplexers and multi couplers have high loss at 800+ but that still does not account for the difference.  In the digital world, what is the usual power level difference between hand helds and the bases?


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