[aprssig] FW: Beacon heard :KC8UCI-11 to APT311 via WIDE2-2 /101554z3747.78 N/07816.21Wo000/000/A=000246

Rochte, Robert rrochte at gpacademy.org
Fri Mar 10 11:57:56 CST 2006

Looks like the balloon is (almost) found!

73   Robert KC8UCH

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>From: george hunt [mailto:w4avo at earthlink.net]
>Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 11:49 AM
>To: Rochte, Robert
>Subject: RE: Beacon heard :KC8UCI-11 to APT311 via WIDE2-2
>Here's some good news- I extrapolated the last few minutes of flight of
>your experiment and went as close as I could and listened. 
>Weak packets on
>144.39 were from your baloon. Speed zero and alt=approx 250' 
>MSL is right.
>I decode the position to be 37 deg 47.78min N and 78 deg 16.21 
>min W. In 4
>packets I got a spread of 47.78 to 47.80 and 16.20 to 16.21. 
>Also got >>Sky
>Diamond 9 packet. Packets every minute and good strength 
>considering 250mw
>and battery at end of charge.
>I climbed through the underbrush  .2 nautical miles (approx 
>1000 feet) and
>went to the spot with my handheld gps but didn't see anything 
>on the ground
>or in the trees. I will try again this afternoon with a 
>handheld vhf.  I am
>sure we can find it; it's there somewhere. The property is 
>owned by a hunt
>club- I'll see if the local sheriff's deputy can get me 
>permission to go
>look- I don't want to be shot!
>Keep your fingers crossed
>73 GH W4AVO

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