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Gary n6lrv at cox.net
Fri Mar 10 23:24:12 CST 2006

'D' is the correct answer. Many exam questions are not all inclusive.
They are simply testing to see if the exam taker knows what componets
are used in the average APRS installation. Perhaps the VEC's could have
worded it differently but they didn't and you still got it right.

John Habbinga wrote:

> This is a question on the new Technician question pool.
> T6C03 (D)
> What item is required along with your normal radio for sending
> automatic location reports?
> A. A connection to the vehicle speedometer
> B. A connection to a WWV receiver
> C. A connection to a broadcast FM sub-carrier receiver
> D. A global positioning system receiver
> I understand that D is probably the best answer, but is D really a
> correct answer?  My station at home is automatically set to send a
> location report every 30 minutes and I don't use a GPS receiver with
> it.  I just input the lat/long coordinates in my UI-View32 setup
> menu.  My D-STAR gateway also transmits its position every 20 minutes
> in the D-STAR low-speed digital mode without being connected to a GPS
> receiver.
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