[aprssig] Help Configuring UIDIGI

Fred Atkinson fred at WB4AEJ.COM
Sun Mar 12 10:36:34 CST 2006


     I am doing my best to try to configure the UIDIGI.txt file so we can get an EPROM burned for our TNC.  Howevever, the file is very cryptic.  I have to admit I've been out of packet for quite a few years and am just coming back.  

     I've set the callsign at WB4AEJ-1, and the alias as WCU (since I'm doing this as an engagement project for the University).  But I am a bit lost as to how to configure the rest of it.  

     Would one of you volunteer to help me decypher and edit the rest of it?  


                                                 Fred, WB4AEJ 

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