[aprssig] PCSAT2 => PCSAT-1 dual hop packets & DX

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 13 12:00:34 CST 2006

PCSAT-1 and PCSAT2 are showing lots of activity
operating as a constellation of two digipeaters both
on 145.825, giving most users about 12 passes
per day of packet QSO activity.  Remember, only
attended operations are authorized.

We are seeing over 60 users per day and some
experimentation with the Mailbox and the PSK-31
experiment on PCSAT2.

Today is PCSAT-1's last day in full sun, but we hope
as long as users DO NOT OPERATE IN THE DARK,
she may be with us for another week or so.  But if it
resets just once due to overload, we will loose her 
until next winter.

On the 16th we have to QSY PCSAT2 back to UHF
to avoid the ARISS school contact.

Digipeat via either bird using the unproto path of
APRS VIA WIDE2-2.    Details of PSK-31 will be
included in the next email...

de Wb4APR, Bob

>>> "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu> 03/10/06 3:06 PM >>>
PCSAT2 - PCSAT-1 Joint Ops Report:

On the 1855Z pass on 11 March of both PCSAT2 
and PCSAT-1 over the USA, we copied 4 telemetry 
packets From PCSAT2 out over the central Atlantic
via PCSAT-1 which was over Eastern Canada.

Also got an unbelievable 2 APRS packets from 
MM0HMM-2 via just PCSAT-1 for a UK to USA
path of 3341 miles from Western Scotland to
Annapolis Maryland.

Now that PCSAT-1 is fully OPS normal this week in
full sun, activity is picking up.  The web page shows
about 50 stations in the last 2 days:

Whereas PCSAT2 digipeater only shows about
8 uers:   http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat2.cgi 

This dual satellite operation on 145.825 will only last
until 16 March when we have to QSY PCSAT2 back
to UHF to avoid interference with a school contact.
Use the path of VIA WIDE2-2 and if positions are right
you will go through either satellite or both.

We need any IGates or SATgates to make sure
they are listening on 145.825 arond the world 
for any potential dual-hop packets..  You can use
the FIND-ON-THIS-PAGE of yoru browser to look
for the dual hop packets.  On the PCSAT2 page
just look for PCSAT-1 and vice versa.

de Wb4APR
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
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