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[aprssig] DB9 to RS232 Done.

Fred Atkinson fred at WB4AEJ.COM
Tue Mar 14 03:17:43 UTC 2006

      Well, someone on one of the Cisco Usenet groups gave me a pinout that seems to work.  I redrew the .pdf and uploaded it.  See it at http://paws.wcu.edu/fatkinson/APRS/RS232_RJ45.pdf.  I'm talking to the TNC-2 through the serial port now.  

      The only problem is that the red *and* green leads are supposed to go to the same pin (ground).  The green lead is hanging with nowhere to go.  

      I'm trying to figure out if there is another pin I can use for ground for that lead.  Don't think it'll cause a problem if I leave it hanging, but I'm not yet sure.  


                                               Fred, WB4AEJ 

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