[aprssig] DB9 to RS232 Done.

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Mon Mar 13 21:20:48 CST 2006

Shouldn't cause you a problem, with those premade pins I usually just cut
the pin off the green wire (in this case), strip a bit of the red wire back,
and solder it to the red wire.  However, you are getting ground there so I'd
cut the pin off the green wire and tape the end, stuff it in the connector
hood and say you're done.

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>       Well, someone on one of the Cisco Usenet groups gave me a pinout
> that seems to work.  I redrew the .pdf and uploaded it.  See it at
> http://paws.wcu.edu/fatkinson/APRS/RS232_RJ45.pdf.  I'm talking to the
> TNC-2 through the serial port now.
>       The only problem is that the red *and* green leads are supposed to
> go to the same pin (ground).  The green lead is hanging with nowhere to
> go.
>       I'm trying to figure out if there is another pin I can use for
> ground for that lead.  Don't think it'll cause a problem if I leave it
> hanging, but I'm not yet sure.
>       73,
>                                                Fred, WB4AEJ
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