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[aprssig] Reading APRS becons w/Dopplers?

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Tue Mar 14 06:45:11 UTC 2006

I found that one or two seconds of carrier , does not matter what mod is on
it is enuf to give u a direction.

What I find you have to do is keep clearing the display now and then to
start from scratch.

I was very impressed never have done this before

Andrew Rich
Amateur radio callsign VK4TEC
email: vk4tec at tech-software.net
web: http://www.tech-software.net

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  Subject: [aprssig] Reading APRS becons w/Dopplers?

  I'm interested in how well folks have seen Dopplers read the direction of
APRS "squawks".

  I'm finally nearing completion of mine and after seeing VK4TEC's well
constructed project pictures thought I'd ask this.

  73, Steve, K9DCI

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