[aprssig] PCSAT2 => PCSAT-1 dual hop and PSK-31

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 14 18:31:11 CST 2006

>Caught three packets from PCSAT2 via PCSAT-1 
>on the most recent pass:

Thanks!  It sure is busy when PCSAT2 (ISS) comes 
over and PCSAT-1 is also nearby.  That makes 3
digipeaters (including ARISS) to play with in a few
minutes time.  Also the PSK-31 transponder is enabled 
for anyone with plenty of PSK-31 uplink on 29.402 and 
the downlinnk  of 435.275 +/- DOppler FM.

ANyone can activate the PSK xonder by simply sending
a packet connect request on 145.825 to PCSAT2.

PCSAT-1 has re-entered eclipse but is still fully 
operational as 2-satellite constellation with PCSAT2
until it gets overloaded in the dark.  Please do not
TX through PCSAT-1 when it is in the dark and we
should be able to keep her going for a few weeks.

de WB4APR,

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