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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 15 07:22:31 CST 2006

The WX format itself is extensible.  Just add additional fields
on the end.  This keeps it in the "complete" format where
a single packet has everything you need to know about that
WX report.  1) What the WX is and 2) WHERE it is.

Bob, Wb4APR

>>> "Andy AB9FX" <ab9fx at aprs.pl> 03/14/06 11:50 PM >>>
I work with Radek SQ2FOA on WX Converter. Originally, project was just for 
our digi with KPC-3+ and Ultimeter 2000. Now, I think could be useful for 
many more digis with wx. Ultimeter in the Packet Mode sends data which is 
not integrated with other wx standards, i.e. sends rain values as today rain 
and long term rain, in the basic wx standard there are one hour rain, 24h 
rain and today's rain; also wind speed is only as the gust not as the 
average speed. In addition, data is not readable for Kenwoods; we can not 
see reports on the road.

We want to keep stand alone digi with wx. Converter comes between Ultimeter 
and KPC3.

So, what is new in our converter? Ultimeter is in Complete Record Mode, 
converter makes wx reports with position or as the option without position. 
There are wind course, wind average speed, wind gust, temperature, 1h rain, 
24h rain, today's rain, humidity, barometric pressure. In the configuration 
program any of these values could be excluded if there are no sensors; then 
in the place of required data are dots, meanwhile not required values are 

In addition to standard APRS weather values we had implemented some 
additional data in the status packets sent every 30 minutes. Already there 
is 3 hour barometric pressure change in the format as >+0.8hPa. We think 
about extreme (max and min) temperature during the day in the format 
41F at 13:07 27F at 03:34 and maybe long term rain as 23.56"

My question is about any formats of additional weather information in the 
status. Is anything like this already specified? Is this format acceptable?

I do the tests with the converter as AB9FX-1 (now connected to KPC-3+, 
before also successful to KAM XL transmitting on VHF as well as on HF).



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