[aprssig] WX converter

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 15 08:02:28 CST 2006

>>> steve at dimse.com 03/15/06 8:31 AM >>>
>> The WX format itself is extensible.  Just add additional fields
>> on the end.  This keeps it in the "complete" format where
>> a single packet has everything you need to know about that
>> WX report.  1) What the WX is and 2) WHERE it is.
>The problem with this is that all programs then need 
>to be modified  to make use of it...

Hummh...  But that is true no matter where he puts it, 
Adding to the end just keeps it all together. 
Just a thought...  Bob

>Another option to  consider is sending the extra data 
>as telemetry values, in which case  the findU telemetry 
>features can be used to graph it (and support  
>exists in various ways in other programs as well), 
>but it is less  readable than plain text.
>If all you care about is human readable text, 
>status is a good place  to send it.
>Steve K4HG

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