[aprssig] Re: Kenwood D7AG battery options ?

KC2MMI (Jared) kc2mmi at verizon.net
Wed Mar 15 14:51:07 CST 2006

I've had mixed results with several "good" vendors who use no-name Chinese
rechargable cells in their battery packs. I no longer will intentionally buy
anything with any Chinese cells in it, the quality control apparently just isn't
there. Too many of them either come DOA, or have welds (tabs) pop free in a
year. They may be 1/3 the price of Sanyo or Panasonic...but they're still too
expensive for me. Heard the same thing from several other people, the qc simply
is not there, there is no way to tell what you are buying.

On the other hand, if you routinely win at poker and blackjack...maybe they're
good enough for you.<G>

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