[aprssig] Marrying APRS & Doppler - Was: aprssig Reading APRSbeacons w/Dopplers?

David Odom dodom at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 16 19:03:47 CST 2006

    Out of curiosity, what's your weapon(s) of choice?
    Which Doppler is in your basement?
    73, Steve, K9DCI

    It is an old Doppler Systems 4000.  I used a Icom R 7000 to feed it.  It works good on good clean signals.  RF FSK signals produce random direction indications around the compass.  It has a display output.  I think its a db 9 but I don't have the book and don't know the format.

    I am interested in your project.  I asume you are aware of the work done in England.  www.gpss.tripoduk.com/usadown.htm .

    Keep in touch.

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