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[aprssig] DIN Connectors

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Mar 17 01:17:53 UTC 2006

I'm fond of Digi-Key for their parametric search capabilities and technical
information links, but for connectors sometimes there are just too many
options and it can be hard to find what you're looking for.  Jameco's
selection is much narrower, but easier to browse, and where you can count on
Digi-Key to have 300 varieties of DB9 connectors including all sorts of
exotic and expensive variations, Jameco will usually have the 3 most common
ones for a decent price, and they're easier to find and identify by picture.

Mouser's search system bugs me, but it finds lots of cross-reference parts,
and their prices are usually good.  I buy a lot of cases there, and reels of

They all have pretty good online ordering systems, but as long as you meet
their minimum order, I think Digi-Key generally gives me the best deal on


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> Try Mouser Electronics. Their website is easy to search and 
> once you locate the
> part on their online catalog (actual .pdf copies of the 
> printed catalog) just
> click on the part number (active link) and it will populate 
> an online order
> form. You can do the whole order online and pay by credit 
> card. That's where I
> purchased my DIN connectors for my last project.
> Gary
> "Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ" wrote:
> >     Having struck out at Radio Shack, I now have to find an 
> alternative
> > place to get a couple of DIN connectors for my TNC-2.
> >
> >     Can someone tell me the right Jameco part number for 
> that DIN connector
> > (so I can make a cable harness)?  Or can you tell me where 
> is a better place
> > to get it from?
> >
> >     73,
> >
> >                                                             
> Fred, WB4AEJ
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