[aprssig] GPS to TNC APRS packet processor

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Mar 17 18:04:55 CST 2006

Have thought about it for a while.

I stopped at the fact so many GPS's have different "NMEA" ideas 

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Just wondering if anyone has invented such a device, perhaps using a
microcontroller of some sort, that would sit in between a GPS and a
TNC so that TNC's which are not out-of-the-box stand alone tracker
compatible still able to be used for APRS tracking without a computer.
 Even for TNC's that have this capability like the KPC3+, they send
raw NMEA packets, which are long and cannot contain altitude, speed
and heading all at the same time.  The microcontroller could buffer
and parse the NMEA data and put it all into a Mic-E formatted packet,
and the TNC could take care of transmitting it.  Using a real TNC
would have its advantages versus a TinyTrak, et al on HF since the
method of carrier detection is by audio voltage.  On HF, I find it
very difficult to set the squelch at a level in which it will only
open up for a packet signal and for every packet signal, not just the
ones that are 20 over 9 on the meter.

So is there such a creature out there?  If not, does anyone else see a
real market for something like this?


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