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[aprssig] Message reject behavior

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Mar 20 06:17:24 UTC 2006

What's the expected behavior, if any, when a station receiving a message
responds with a :rej rejection?  The spec just says a reject should be
returned to indicate the message was not accepted.  I'd expect the sending
station to stop trying, but Xastir and my D7 at least don't - they keep
resending.  I was hoping to use the :rej response to indicate authentication
failure when sending commands, but it doesn't look like a viable option.

And if :rej doesn't work, that leaves :ack, and I need some way to indicate
that the command was refused.  I'd prefer to do the message-ack thing rather
than have to send two packets, but I've heard the Kenwoods don't support it.
Are there any other clients out there that don't support combined ACKs?


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