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[aprssig] Best GPS with audio

Wes johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
Mon Mar 20 13:28:57 UTC 2006

I have just tested the gps276c 3.93 firmware and it is working perfectly WRT 
to kenwood generated waypoints....  _Now_ I can recommend this GPS for aprs 
use... it's great now that the waypoint issue is resolved... but wait, 
there's more (no, not ginsu knives).... one of the other features with this 
GPS is that you can define 64 custom waypoint symbols.  So now I can copy 
the 64 most common aprs waypoints.  Although you have to manually set the 
symbol, you only have to do it once.  Scott Miller's Tracker2 will set the 
icon for you, by the way.


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Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 7:57 AM
Subject: Re: [aprssig] Best GPS with audio

>I just checked garmin's web site and they show that they fixed my 
>problem!!! firmware 3.93 is out and shows that one of the improvements is 
>to correct a duplicate waypoint problem with GPWPL!!!!   YAY!!!  I'll have 
>to try this one today!  I'll report here when I test it.
> Since I haven't played with the street pilot (since rev. 1 that didn't 
> work for APRS), I can't compare.  I can say that I'd find it difficult to 
> recommend the 276 for APRS use (before I test teh 3.93 firmware later 
> today).  3.7 and 3.92 are is way too screwy the way it deals with 
> waypoints coming in from the d700.  I upgraded to 3.92 firmware and the 
> waypoint's from teh d700 generated numbered UNIQUE waypoints for each of a 
> moving aprs station's positions.  For example, watching kc4pl drive home 
> yeilded about 15 waypoints numbed from "kc4pl-9 1" to "kc4pl-915".  I 
> quickly downgraded the firmware to 3.7, and now it only generates a 
> numbered extra waypoint when my cursor is pointed at a waypoint and it 
> comes in over the d700 again. bummer.
> As far as general navigation goes, the 276c a wonderful GPS.  I've gotten 
> very comfortable with it's use.... it helped me shave some time off the 
> trip from my work directly to my wife's work.  Of course it did try route 
> me down a dead end dirt road once.... but that is a map source problem, 
> not a GPS problem.  It's also battery powered, so in a snap I can cut it 
> loose from the car and use on my bike.  The USB port allowed me to load 
> 31megs of maps in something like 60 seconds.
> Wes
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> From: "Michael J. Wolthuis" <wolthui3 at msu.edu>
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> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 12:35 AM
> Subject: RE: [aprssig] Best GPS with audio
>> Wes,
>> Did you get done experimenting with the 276c?  IS that the best way to go 
>> or
>> am I better to find one of the Street Pilot versions?  What were your
>> conclusions and findings?
>> Mike Wolthuis
>> Kb8zgl
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>> Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 3:11 PM
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>> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Best GPS with audio
>> I've just ordered a gps 276c.  It has two serial ports AND usb.... I'll
>> let you know how it works with a d700 when it comes in next week.  I
>> have conflicting info about using both serial ports at the same time,
>> but I hope to be able to use 1 serial for kenwood NEMA IN/OUT, and
>> either the 2nd serial or USB to connect to my laptop.
>> One other neat thing about this GPS is that you can edit the icons.  I
>> plan to edit them to match APRS for the most part.  Not that the d700 is
>> going to assign them anything other than the default dot... but For the
>> few stations i care enough to track, I'll manually change the icon.
>> Also, many of the handheld garmins do USB and serial on the same port -
>> just like some PC mice will auto select USB/ps2.  Depends which cable
>> you have plugged in.  A friend just bought a 60CS and it does both.  The
>> 5xx series rino units auto select USB/serial on one port.
>> BTW, when my kenwood pushes a waypoint to hte gps, it gives it a dot for
>> an icon.  If you change the stations you "care" about to something
>> else, then when your GPS memory gets full, you can simply delete
>> waypoint by symbol.  This lets me delete hundreds of icons at a time
>> while leaving my wife's car icon as a car.
>> Wes
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