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[aprssig] Message reject behavior

Robbie Robertson mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Mar 20 16:56:08 UTC 2006

My understanding was that the Kenwoods responds to a message sender to 
it, that the Message Buffer was full, and until the owner clears his 
message buffer out, it will continue to send :rej to the sender...

Maybe other "tnc's" respond to this in the same way, but my experience 
noted that other tncs just fifos the messages onto the floor??

As far as commands to a tnc, I am not familiar with this...


scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>>* Not sure I follow.  If the command fails, then it would
>>seem that a :rej packet would be an excellent way to
>>inform the user.  The sending software would then
>>be able to tell that the command is not working...
>You would think so... but Xastir doesn't display any indication of the
>rejection.  I think the D7 beeps, but still keep retrying.  Why have 'rej'
>at all if the behavior is the same as no response?
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