[aprssig] Tracker Smart Pathing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 21 09:44:26 CST 2006

>>> jdw at eng.uah.edu 03/20/06 9:05 PM >>>
>> That is, if the user selected (in the USA) PROPORTIONAL
>> PATHING=2 Here is what he would get every minute:
>Every other packet going basically nowhere.
>You could accomplish much the same thing by 
>simply setting all  mobiles to TX every 2 minutes 
>instead of every minute.  Presto, 50%  bandwidth 
>utilization reduction.

Exactly, but also, frustrating when within a few miles
of someone and you are both going at 60 MPH and
only getting 2 minute updates.  Yes, this is the same
as the standard  2 minute update, but it is better, because
it fills in up close when you need more frequent data.

>What we need are smart digipeaters that can adjust 
>paths dynamically  based on network load...
>digis... can "hear" what's happening on the network 
>better than   a mobile.

I have never liked the network making decisions beyond
the SENDER's control (other than trapping abusive paths
that are PUBLISHED and well known to be trapped).  Only 
the sender knows his priority and the PATH he needs at 
any given instant.

Sure, Smart digis can easily throttle back ALL throughput
to keep the channel nice and clear.  But at everyone's
expense and without regard to immediate user need.
That is the best way to make things worse.  People
will just up their rate to compensate and the net result
is jammed uplinks which is even worse than letting the 
users adjust their path based on their immediate need.

I really dont like the network making un-wanted changes
to any sender's chosen path (as long as it is within
published guidelines).

>> PROPORTIONAL  PATHING would cut the QRM from 
>>each mobile by a factor of 16   or more.

>Your QRM is my QSO. (:

Yes, but in most cases, things going on in my immediate
area are of more importance than things going on in the
next state..

de WB4aPR, Bob

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