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[aprssig] Tracker Smart Pathing

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Mar 21 16:02:52 UTC 2006

> I have never liked the network making decisions beyond
> the SENDER's control (other than trapping abusive paths
> that are PUBLISHED and well known to be trapped).  Only 
> the sender knows his priority and the PATH he needs at 
> any given instant.

The AUTO thing with preemption fixes that.  No need to run AUTO if you don't
want to, and if it's not fully implemented yet, you just run WIDE2-2,AUTO.
Say I put a digi up on Plowshare peak to serve the local area here - you
transmit with WIDE2-2,AUTO and it gets rewritten as WIDE2*,K6SYV-10 and goes
only one further hop, but hits at least two Igates.  Out in the desert,
maybe AUTO gets rewritten as WIDE3-3, or CA3-3, or whatever.

Hmm, that brings up another question - does preemption need to set SSIDs to
0, or is it sufficient to set the H bit?


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