[aprssig] Tracker Smart Pathing

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Mar 21 12:15:45 CST 2006

> How about using "APAUTO" in the destination field, which would be
> picked up by the smart digi and tweaked into an appropriate path?
> The "AP" would need to be there for APRS clients to attempt
> decoding, else they might think it an ALTNET call.

Then you lose the device identifier, and complicate the algorithm.  I don't
think the added size will be a big deal - transmit with just AUTO, and it
gets replaced by WIDE1-1, and you're still using 1 slot.  I guess you might
want ID turned on, so it'd be more like AUTO => N1VG-10*,WIDE1-1.  Even if
you put the AUTO in the destination field, it's still going to take up the
same space once it's digi'd.


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