[aprssig] Tracker Smart Pathing

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Tue Mar 21 13:37:00 CST 2006

  See below:

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>First things first, outdated, bandwidth hungry devices
>like the Kenwoods need to implement A SmartBeaconing
>like algorithm to get the over all packet number down.
> Just this alone would help the crowded situation.

Huh?  "Smart Beaconing" can consume an inordinate amount of bandwidth.  We
saw a mobile using smart beaconing with a wide3-3 path driving a round a
city neighborhood.  Every time he turned a corner he would send a position
packet and a telemetry packet.  I was seeing 2 and 3 copies of every packet
he sent.  Virtually saturated the channel for miles around by just driving
around the block.  Doesn't sound too smart to me.

There is no way a Kenwood could cause that amount of traffic.  Perhaps you
could explain why you consider Kenwoods to be bandwidth hungry devices?

Bill KC9XG

>I agree that having some kind of path control would
>also help an incredible ammount!  I would like to see
>somthing like a standard "Beacon" that would fire off
>a  "Heres what your path should be in this area"
>packet.  The tracker (packet decoding capable of
>course) would take this and changes it's own path
>based on the broadcasted recommendation.
>Jason KE4NYV
>RPC Electronics

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