[aprssig] On flow control/smart beaconing...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 21 15:33:50 CST 2006

>>.... I'm running a 5W transmitter, and get maybe
>>2 of my 50 packets digipeated in the LA area...
>It's not an anomaly.  Perhaps the real solution here 
>is to optimize these yet-to-be-invented smart digi's 
>so that they keep xx% of the air-space available 
>for these stations to make it into the network.

But the digis have no control over limiting what others
transmit to them.  There is nothing that a digi can do
to limit congestion and collisions that it hears no matter
how smart it is.  The congestion has to be limited at
the source or at firewqalls surrounding big density
areas (that is what the New-N paradigm does with 
the high-N traps.

>I can see human nature getting in the way of this 
>[smart digi] scheme though:  If people try a few test 
>transmissions and some of them don't get digipeated 
>because the digi's are throttling back... these people 
>will most likely crank up their power level and rate

Yep.  My point eactly and we see it every single time
we contct someone with excessive rates.  He says
" but that is what I have to do to get in"...

I say again, smart digipeating looks good on paper
but is full of pit falls in practice...


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