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[aprssig] PCSAT2 PSK transponder is enabled

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 22 22:43:51 UTC 2006

>> PCSAT-1 and PCSAT2 joint operations continue
>>now on 145.825 without interruption until 28 March.

Also, the PSK-31 transponder is enabled for tests..
But you  will need HIGH power on the 29.401 MHz uplink.
The downlink is on 435.275 +/- Doppler FM.  CW is welcome
too since we need any signals at all to see what we
can hear.  Remember, we have extreme signal loss
on the uplink since 2 weeks after launch, so we dont
hear anything usually, but then maybe we are not
running enough power.

To activate the transponder, simply use your 2 meter
packet system on 145.825 to "connect to PCSAT2".
When the PCSAT2 sees the connection , it will turn on
the PSK-31 transponder and keep i t on as long as
you maintain the packet connection.

de WB4aPR, Bob

PCSAT2 has just completed 5 straight days of daily
mode changes to avoid 4 schooll contacts and to
power down for the Soyuz re-docking.  But now we
are steady with both operting on 145.825.

But we were dismayed by some stations transmitting
their beacons through PCSAT-1 today EVERY 12 SECONDS
for the entire 20 minute pass.  This kind of operation
will kill PCSAT-1.

Please, be considerate to others and the bird.  Do NOT
transmit via PCSAT-1 in the dark or she will reset and
we will loose her until NEXT winter.  She is losing power
every day, and any day we will lose her, but we should
not just lose her due to poor operating on the ground.

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