[aprssig] Re: Tracker Smart Pathing: user types, alternatives

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 24 08:57:24 CST 2006

>>> mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net 03/23/06 10:11 PM >>>
> AND, ideally, I would like to have my location
>sent at a faster rate if I don't hit a digi with a 
>wait at least x seconds (like 30-60) setting.

This has to be done carefully.  Park next to a
7/11 with a strgon birdie from its computer and
your tracker never hears its own digipeats.  It
ups its rate to HIGH andyet you are parked.

All it takes is one car per day to get into this
situation and we end up with more QRM instead
of less.  I have always thought that APRS
transmitters should be aware of whether they
are being digipeated or not, but PLEASE make
sure any system that goes to higer rates has
all kinds of safeguards!

Having automatic HIGH rates when not-heard
is a guaranteed nuclear melt down scenario.

SOmething blocks the main digi for a few minutes.
All the smart mobiles then up their rate.  Still
no success, so they up it higher.  WHen the
digi does start working again, all it hears is
100% collisions on the input.

What this system does is AUTOMATE the worst
human condition we already have on APRS...
THat is users who UP THEIR RATE to improve
their success rate.  That me-first approach
screws eveyone else.  And remember we
(and the retorical you) are everyone  else...

>Personally, I do not think the smart pathing is a good 
>idea... I think this would encourage people to use 
>longer paths.

No, I think they would use less.  Now they can feel
comfortable that they can live with a 1 hop rate
all the time knowing that occasionally they will
get out in a 2 hop area if needed.  Or 3 hops
in some areas.

Around here, (HIghest APRS density on the planet)
I might make this Proportional Path setting:

 1 min Path*:   none
 2 min Path:   WIDE1-1                  1 hop
 4 min Path:    none
 8 min Path:    WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1  2  hops
16 min Path:   none
32 min Path:   none

This would give me a good 2 minute rate but give
me two 2-hop packets during most local trips to let
buddies in the area see that I am on the air.

de WB4APR,

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