[aprssig] Re: Tracker Smart Pathing: user types,alternatives

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 24 10:34:26 CST 2006

>>> jronan at tssg.org 03/24/06 10:02 AM >>>
>I like UI-TRACE. I like being able to see what digi 
>the packet  came through.

Yes and the New-N paradigm forces all WIDEn-N's to be traced.

> I'm not sold on Smart-Pathing.   I  may WANT 
>to see  whats going on three hops away all the 
>time, we may  be forced to have an ICP/Command 
>centre that far away, and re- configuring all the 
>trackers that arrive on site, in that case, may  
>not be an option.  

Ah, then you are assuming that all the trackers that
show up are already doing 3 hop packets all the time.
Believe me, in most areas of the APRS world, it is
physically impossible to let all trackers be running
around all the time at 3 hops.  If on the other hand
they are all set to 2 hops and show up at a 3 hop
event, then already you will have to re-configure
every one of them or you have -nothing- to track.

On the other hand, with Proportional Pathing, most 
of them will probably be set to 2 hop paths with the
occasional 3 hop.  At least those guys will be still 
SEEN at the IOC without having to reconfigure.

de wb4apr, Bob

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