[aprssig] Re: Tracker Smart Pathing: user types, alternatives

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 24 11:18:49 CST 2006

>> So you will be setting ahigher than normal hops 
>>ALL the time so that an AUTO if someone ever 
>> makes one, can cut it back? That guarantees 
>>more QRM to everyone everywhere while
>> we wait for an AUTO digi...
>I get the idea that you think this a difficult thing to 
>accomplish. In terms of percentages of digis, yes.  In 
>terms of getting a few out there to try, it's a very simple task.

But it is of little value unless it is everywhere.
APRS as a national system needs *consistancy*
of expectations for users.  The New-N is doing a great
job at focusing on that objective...  I am just 
being realistic, based on my 26 years of very
active experience in amateur radio digipeaters
and nodes in saying that hoping all digipeaters
to adopt neat smart algoirthms just wont happen, 
in the anarchy of ham radio or it is not sustainable...

I do not mean to discourage experimentation.  I
just think energy could be better spent elsewhere.


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