[aprssig] PCSAT-1 resets, but PCSAT PSK continues

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 24 11:19:53 CST 2006

PCSAT-1 reset  back to W3ADO-1 at 2336z or so
on 23 March after a good 16 day run of fully OPS
jointly  with PCSAT2 on ISS.  DUring that time
numerous dual hop packets were reported.

PCSAT2 will remain with a 2m downlink on 145.825
until the next school contact on the 28th.  From
now till then, it will also keep its 10m PSK-31 to
435.275 FM transponder enabled for anyone to
experiment with using either CW or PSK.

Just use one rig to CONNECT to PCSAT2  on 145.825
to turn on the transponder and use your 10m CW or
PSK rig to TX and your UHF FM receiver to listen.

de Wb4APR, Bob

>>> Robert Bruninga 03/23/06 3:13 PM >>>
During the 1915z PCSAT-1 pass over the USA, 
PCSAT2 was also in view for an excellent dual
hop opportunity.  Apparently everyone
knew it and many stations were hitting it too
agressively and overloaded PCSAT-1 and caused 
a reset (indicated by W3ADO-1 callsign).

FORTUNATELY, we were able to restore low-power
mode during the same pass, and so we HOPE we 
recovered it in time.  But if not, then PCSAT-1 goes
back into hybernation mode Until next winter (though
it is often somewhat  useable during mid-day passes).

PCSAT2 remains in 145.825 simplex PACKET mode and
also PSK-31 Transponder is enabled.  We have one
report of success with 100 Watts barely hearable.
TX on 29.401 +/- CW or PSK-31 and listen on 435.275
+/- 10 KHz Dopplere FM.  TO activate te transponder
use a normal packet station on 145.825 to connect to
"PCSAT2".  That will bring up the PSK 10m=>70cm

But please go lightly on PCSAT-1, and NO TX via PCSAT-1
in the dark.  And NO AUTOMATIC beacons via PCSAT-1

US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

>>> "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu> 03/21/06 5:35 PM >>>
PCSAT-1 and PCSAT2 joint operations continue
now on 145.825 without interruption until 28 March.

PCSAT2 has just completed 5 straight days of daily
mode changes to avoid 4 schooll contacts and to
power down for the Soyuz re-docking.  But now we
are steady with both operting on 145.825.

But we were dismayed by some stations transmitting
their beacons through PCSAT-1 today EVERY 12 SECONDS
for the entire 20 minute pass.  This kind of operation
will kill PCSAT-1.

Please, be considerate to others and the bird.  Do NOT
transmit via PCSAT-1 in the dark or she will reset and
we will loose her until NEXT winter.  She is losing power
every day, and any day we will lose her, but we should
not just lose her due to poor operating on the ground.

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