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[aprssig] THd7a(g) missing skycmd?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Mar 25 05:45:45 UTC 2006

wolthui3 at msu.edu wrote:
> I recently purchased a thd7a(g) from EBay.  I realized when I bought it that
> the seller said it was missing the sky cmd menu and it is not a big deal,
> but I just wondered why it was missing it and if it can be put back in.
> Secondly, the radio will not directly go to 144.390MHz it always goes to
> 144.393 15 it says.  The 15 is small and lower on the screen.
> Just wondering if this is a special model or something or had some hacking
> done on it.

Kenwood usually makes 3 or 4 variations of their radios for different 

o     Japan  
o     Europe
o     North America
o     "General" for areas other than the above.

The first two versions only cover 144-146 on transmit and usually lack 
touch-tone signalling. The Euro versions generate the 1750 tone beep 
universally used in Europe for keying up repeaters instead of PL. 

The North American and General models both cover 144-148 but the General 
version often leaves out certain features present in the North American 
version.    I think the Sky Command feature was only in the firmware of 
the North American variant of the D7.

I suspect you may have a "Grey Market" general version intended for 
South America, Australia or East Asia (outside of Japan).    [ Travelers 
often make the mistake of purchasing radios in Hong Kong or Singapore at 
lower prices, not realizing they are regionalized for that part of the 
world and different from the U.S. versions. ]

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