[aprssig] PK-12 Is there life after death

Randy Pence rpence at 2khiway.net
Sun Mar 26 14:53:18 CST 2006

I have a PK-12 I purchased used seven or eight years ago. I am trying to 
get it going for the first time to use with an Ultimeter. It is set up 
properly with the computer with suggested come settings from the PK-12 
manual and the the correct serial parameters set up in the XP hardware 
section. Using the proper straight through serial cable. Works great on 
PK-232. Tried auto baud*. Type in reset or any other commands and I just 
get gibberish back. Tried this on WinPack, Packterm and Term22 with the 
same results. Should I declare this thing dead or is there hopes. I 
receive the aprs list emails in digest mode so you may want to email me 
directly with any suggestions. As always thanks for any help.

Randy Pence

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