[aprssig] Best way to hookup Garmin 276c

Wes johnston wes at kd4rdb.com
Sun Mar 26 19:04:43 CST 2006

I wired the included power / data cable to a power pole, two serial 
connectors (female), and a 1/8" phono jack.  This lets me use com1 or com2 
for NMEA, plug in a speaker and have USB still available.  I had intended to 
wire the audio out into the mp3 input to my "good time" radio when I started 
this project along with the XM radio.... but it has been easier to just 
throw an old speaker under the seat, and the volume is loud enough that I 
can hear "her" fine.

I cut 2 lengths of black wire and terminated the +12v and ground along with 
one end of the lengths of short black wire into a power pole.  This gave me 
a good starting point to have a ground wire go to each of the serial 
connectors.  In my previous gps, I had tried to use the de-9 ground pin as a 
common for the whole shebang, and that was too much trouble to try to get 
more than 2 wires soldered into a de-9 solder cup.  This time I opted to 
make the power pole the common point.

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> I'm using the 276c (with City Select 7 too). Both serial ports (and power 
> and voice) are in the same jack but and the USB is below it. You can 
> download the manual from the Garmin website and have a look.
> Your best bet is to use the supplied pigtail cable. I've got mine hooked 
> into an unused switched circuit with external power on/off set. I 
> canibalized a cheap PC speaker for the audio and am using COM2 for NMEA.
> Michael J. Wolthuis wrote:
>>I just got a Garmin 276c and I don't have it yet, but I want to get the
>>right cables ordered.   I know it comes with the USB cable and I bought
>>Mapsource v7.0 to load it.  It also comes with 010-10513-00 which has bare
>>wires for data, power and audio.  I really want the audio and this would
>>require external speaker, but I like the idea of using the speaker in the
>>cigarette lighter adapter.
>>So my question is, can you use both 010-10514-00 the mini garmin connector
>>to DB9 and the 010-10512-00 power adapter with speaker somehow?
>>What I need is audio, power, data for APRS (NMEA output) and USB to
>>laptop/mobile computer.
>>Best ways found out there?
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