[aprssig] REF: PK-12; Is There Life After Death ?

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 26 22:25:12 CST 2006

 Type in reset or any other
> commands and I just 
> get gibberish back. Tried this on WinPack, Packterm
> and Term22 with the 
> same results. Should I declare this thing dead or is
> there hopes. I 
> receive the aprs list emails in digest mode so you
> may want to email me 
> directly with any suggestions. As always thanks for
> any help.

Did you try RESETTING via a SHORT on the battery
(on the side of my MFJ, there is a pair of parallel
contacts, that you short with a screw driver, to do a
RESET. I belive the PK-12 has this)
That always seems to straighten my MFJ 1270C out right
If that doesn't work, maybe someone can suggest
something ELSE.
Don't give up on it, what about the internal battery?;

Is it DEAD ?  There is a disc type internal battery in
it I bet.
Make sure it isn't leaking ACID all over the inside of
the cabinet!
(you'll feel so CONTENT with yourself if you correctly
trouble shoot it and get it WORKING..........I always
DO, heh, heh)

> Randy Pence

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