[aprssig] Fill-in Digis, routes in California

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 27 07:47:38 CST 2006

>>> cap at cruzio.com 03/27/06 3:50 AM >>>
>> On the other hand, it sounds like you're saying 
>>that a three-hop path will be trapped in urban 
>>areas where one hop is enough. 

Although WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 is a 3 hop path, it will
not be trapped beacuse the traps for 3-3 will not
see it.

>> If your trapping causes my rude 3-hop packet 
>>to be repeated just oncein urban areas, that 
>>sounds perfect to me: it means I'm not being all
>> that rude after all.  I could run 3 hops all day 
>>knowing I'd really get 3 hops where I needed it, 
>>but I would get 1 hop in the cities where
>> one is enough.

But all the gray area in between will not like all your
QRM in most places.  And the only place that even
traps 2-2 to one hop is the LA basin.  Yes, others trap
3-3 to 1 hop, but your mobile 1-1,2-2 is going to
get through.  THat is why it is NOT recommended in

>The North American "New n-N Paradigm" is already 
>helping our stations (a lot)..., but unfortunately 
>it's still not universally implemented yet.  Some digis (and users) still need settings updates for courtesy.  ... Their big 
>dis-courtesy is not that those old-digis fail to include 
>their callsign in the "digipath history"... so nobody 
>knows they digipeated anything...


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