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[aprssig] Mini-DIN patch cables and stuff

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Mar 28 06:22:22 UTC 2006

I found a source of 3-foot 6-pin mini-DIN patch cables and bought up the
lot.  Not sure if I'll be able to get any more of this type in the future,
but I should have enough of a stock to keep APRSdom supplied for awhile.


It's a good alternative to cannibalizing a mouse cable - for one, it has all
of the conductors.  It's also shielded, and doesn't have the flat part
around the connector so it ought to fit in just about any radio.  Wish
they'd had 6-foot cables, but oh well.

I also just got in a shipment of Garmin GPS 18 LVCs.  These are the hockey
puck-style units with a magnetic base and 15-foot cable.  No connector
supplied (aside from the factory-installed test connector), so for APRS use
you're on your own.  I might offer them pre-wired with DB9s in the future.
These are great for high altitude ballooning, since they don't cut out at
60,000 feet like a lot of GPS receivers.  You can find these elsewhere, but
a lot of places don't always keep them in stock.  I've got plenty of them,
and at $78 I think I'm at the low end of the price range.  


In other news, the Tracker2 beta now has an actual configuration screen for
its digipeater functions.  I'll be looking for a relatively accessible
WIDEn-n site where it could be tested, where updating the firmware won't
mean a long drive up a mountain.  If anyone's got such a site in mind, let
me know - I should have more hardware available later this week.


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