[aprssig] GPS engine integration

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Tue Mar 28 08:23:34 CST 2006

What I don't like about integrated GPS receivers is that you still have to
connect an external antenna - and that means a tiny RF connector, tiny coax
that's lossy and hard to terminate, and active antennas that often cost
almost as much as a whole receiver.

With integrated receivers like the Deluo or Garmin GPS 18, the receiver and
antenna are in a single unit.  The cabling is serial, so you can easily run
it 15 feet or more, and it doesn't mind getting pinched in a car door.  You
can also cut it, strip it, and solder on a new connector in about a minute.

That's why *I* don't include a GPS engine in any of my projects.  But I'm
probably biased, since I'm a computer guy and more used to working with
digital than RF.  Maybe it's not as big a deal for other people.


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> Has anyone know of or tried to integrate, such as the Garmin 
> GPS 15 engine into the circutry of a, such as the Kenwood 
> D700? I'm surprised that the major manufactuer(s) of Amateur 
> gear hav'nt jumed on board to integrate both TNC and GPS into 
> one small radio package, like some of the manufactuers of 
> Marine(DSC) equipment have..but what do I know...
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