[aprssig] Query protocol

Arne Stahre sm6vyf at gatugarden.com
Wed Mar 29 10:42:23 CST 2006

  Referring to "APRS Protocol Reference - APRS Protocol Version 1.0 - 
Document Version 1.0.1: 29 August 2000", p.79.

  About the APRSH query it says:


  "A query asking for the number of times N0QBF was heard in each of the 
last 8 hours. (Note the trailing spaces in the callsign following APRSH, 
padding the callsign to 9 characters)."

  AND (second paragraph)

  "-- this callsign does not need filler spaces as it is at the end of 
the data."

  which is correct? By the way, I have my doubts about the leading space 

  The response is:


  What order do the 8 hour data have in the response?
  Do the dots mark 0 or "no data" (as in off line)?

  In the table page 77 it says that the response should be "Position of 
heard station as an APRS Object, plus heard statistics for the last 8 
hours". What data (symbol etc.) should this object have? Wouldn't it be 
better to fake a digipeat of the heard station?

  73 de SM6VYF/Arne

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