[aprssig] ARRL Web Site Propagating Out-Of-Data APRS Into

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 30 14:11:05 CST 2006

Since Google comes up with my site first, I'll
take this on as an incentive to update the page
after its 14 years in existence.

If somone will provide me with the BEST links for
each of the major software items and trackers,
Ill add them too.


>>> scott at opentrac.org 03/30/06 2:37 PM >>>
> People have tried, I was perhaps the first with http://www.aprs.net/ 
> vm/ in the mid to late 90's, there was aprs.info, and a number of  
> others. The essential problem is that those who have the information  
> are too busy doing things with it to write it down! The only way to  
> make it work is if a single person or group (with nothing better to  
> do ;-) goes through everything that is out there including the  
> aprssig (which is where the vast majority of APRS knowledge lives)  
> and develops a comprehensive compilation. A herculean task, to be  
> sure...

And that's exactly what I've got my sister working on.  Is aprs.net still
available for such a project?  I'd like a page that makes it immediately
clear what APRS is all about, with sub-pages on various technical aspects
(digi configuration, available hardware and software, etc).  Keri should be
able to write copy and handle the overall presentation, and I'm willing to
pay for graphic design.  Of course, if any other for-profit APRS concerns
want to contribute to the effort, that'd be nice, too.


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