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[aprssig] ARRL Web Site Propagating Out-Of-Data APRS Into

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Mar 30 22:22:36 UTC 2006

> First, as to the need for graphic design, you might consider reviewing
> http://www.site-reference.com/articles/Website-Development/The- 
> Surprising-Truth-About-Ugly-Websites.html

Saw that the other day.  Just because some websites manage to make money
DESPITE being ugly doesn't mean you should have an ugly site.

Yes, information is more important than looks.  And how the information is
presented is also critical - I've seen plenty of pages with tons of good
information, but all in a single block of impossible to read text that's
sure to turn away readers.

If I do have someone else do the web design, I'll leave it up to my sister
to supervise the layout.  She's got a master's degree in that sort of thing,
and I figure I might as well let her put that Stanford education to use.
I'm not going for flashy - just clean and functional.

> As to aprs.net, I'd be glad to give a domain name (for example  
> info.aprs.net, or any other you'd like), but I don't want to host it  
> on my server because of security/time concerns (I don't want to have  
> others with accounts on the servers, and I don;t have time to upload  
> changes myself).

What about www?  That's the one that's already up there in the Google
rankings - and no, I won't put any ads on the site if it's going to be the
official, vendor-neutral APRS info site.  I have no problem with it being
pointed at my server - I've got plenty of bandwidth there.

In any case, it'll likely be a month or two before anything's ready.


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