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[aprssig] ARRL Web Site Propagating Out-Of-Data APRS Into

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Mar 31 23:19:45 UTC 2006

> My opinion (for what very little it is worth ;) is that using Wikipedia
> would be the best way to go. First, it's likely to be around for the

I'm all for keeping the Wikipedia page there (in fact I think I wrote about
half of that myself) but I can't see cluttering up Wikipedia with the
details of the protocol, notes on digi configuration, cabling setups for
particular radios, and that sort of thing.

I've started a Wiki, hosted for now at http://wiki.n1vg.net, and started by
copying over the Wikipedia entry and breaking it up a bit.  Not sure if
there's any way for users to add images - for now, just email me any
multimedia contributions directly.

Steve, I'll take that info.aprs.net if you're still willing.  The server is
already set up to take it as an alias, just need the DNS entry.

I'd like to get at least a skeleton started, so everyone interested in
contributing can find their area of expertise and start adding to it.


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