[aprssig] Complete WB4APR "Official" APRS Website Now Mirrored

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Nov 2 04:31:49 CST 2006

Complete WB4APR "Official" APRS Website Now Mirrored

Bob Bruniniga WB4APR's "official" APRS web site is located on the server 
at the U.S. Naval Academy server at:

Due to a misconfigured domain name server at the Academy (or it's ISP), 
many users, especially outside North America, have been unable to access 
the site.  I have been mirroring portions of Bob's APRS website on my 
own site for some time now.  

I have moved to my own domain with (for all practical purposes) an 
unlimited amount of server space.   I have just uploaded the current 
version of the ENTIRE WB4APR APRS website to my server.

The mirror site is available at:


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