[aprssig] Re: *** APRS TNC Test CD Now Available *** --- Can't Play It

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Nov 4 13:04:58 CST 2006

mike.kc9doa at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> I just tried burning the Nero version of the test CD. I unzipped 
> the file and double clicked the .nrg file and Nero burned the 
> CD. Windows explorer can't see the data files and it crashes 
> Windows CD player. I tried playing it in a DVD player that plays 
> audio CDs and it reports no supported files found. Nero disc 
> info shows track 1 as a data track and the rest as audio tracks.
> The CD is not compatible with anything I have. Nero, 
> Win2Ksp4.
> Mike kc9doa
> Has this been resolved?
Many users have burned this disk with no problem.

Are you sure you have burned a good disk?

    * This disk is a MIXED MODE disk that combines CD-ROM data and audio
      CD tracks.

    * This is not a normal CD_ROM.

    * This is not a normal audio CD.

It is a combination of the two.  When you place this disk in a computer 
CD drive, you will (or should) only see the CD-ROM data part of the 
disk.  *The audio tracks will NOT show, and will NOT automatically start 
playing. *

Go to the Windows 2000 Start menu and do Start -- Programs -- 
Accessories -- Entertainment, and select the "CD Player" applet (Not the 
Media Player).  .  You will get an on-screen display that looks like a 
car stereo CD player with start, stop and track select buttons and a 
volume control.  Use this software "device" to play the audio tracks.

In a non-computer audio player such as a boombox or DiskMan (or a CD-ROM 
drive being used stand-alone outside of a computer), the drive may 
mistakenly see the first (data) track as a defective unplayable audio 
track and do nothing. If so, use the track selector button to jump to 
the next (first actual audio) track.

Note that the single file "CDplayer.exe" located in the SYSTEM32 folder 
underneath the main Windows directory on Windows 2000 systems plays this 
disk very nicely, but is not present on WinXP systems.   This utility 
works perfectly on Win XP systems to simplify the playback of this disk.

This file is a stand-alone .EXE that doesn't need any installation, 
supporting DLL files or registry entries to run -- just copy the file 
from  \winnt\system32  on a Win 2K system to any convenient place on an 
XP system, and then double-click it to run. 


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