[aprssig] Re: *** APRS TNC Test CD Now Available *** --- Can'tPlay

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Mon Nov 6 21:23:54 CST 2006


I was successful creating the CD using the Nero .nrg file. At least,
listened to the start of a few tracks and all seemed well.

I am able to listen to the tracks by using Windows Media Player 11 (on an XP
home machine) by calling up Media Player and asking it to open the CD. It
displays all seven audio tracks just fine (no track names of course).

The CD does not autorun for me -- I don't know if it was supposed to -- but
that's not a problem for me.

And I can't read the .RTF file on the CD using Word 2003 or Wordpad --
perhaps a recording glitch? I just get rows of small squares. The .htm file
in the nrg.zip file works fine.


Ralph Milnes KC2RLM

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