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[aprssig] Google Earth interfaces?

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Nov 9 18:28:48 UTC 2006

I'm finding that (like a lot of APRS stuff) the information that's out there
is a little disjointed and hard to find.  Aprskml lets you set up a server
to provide a Google Earth feed - you can add a network link to
http://argentdata.com:8080 and see part of California, and hopefully my
balloon when it flies this Saturday.  I need to grab the latest version and
see if that fixes an altitude glitch, though.

Aprsdepot.com also has scripts for generating KML files, but the
documentation is even worse.  The whole site is in the form of a discussion
forum, and you have to dig a bit to find the relevant information.  It's far
from being a simple point-and-click sort of thing, and my results so far
have been disappointing, at least compared to aprskml.

I've also not seen a standalone solution yet, that'll run on a machine with
a local TNC.  You can run aprskml and point Google Earth to the loopback
interface, but I don't think there's any support for a direct TNC

If we could get that, and a mechanism for pre-caching large amounts of
Google Earth data, it'd be an awesome standalone APRS system.  As it is, for
this weekend I'll be relying on a couple of gigs of downloaded DRGs in
Xastir.  With a good old-fashioned paper atlas as a fallback.

Always thought it would be fun to rig up a laser scanner to project APRS
icons onto paper 7.5' quads on the SAR command post map table...


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> I've been searching around a bit but I haven't found
> out if anyone's interfaced Google Earth (the
> standalone, not Google Maps online) with any APRS
> system.  Anyone know?
> -Alex  KF4LVZ
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