[aprssig] Google Earth interfaces?

Alex Carver agcme2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 10 12:32:13 CST 2006

I'll put all my replies in one since I got many useful

I'll be trying out aprskml, that looks like it'll help
a lot, thanks Scott.

Andrew Rich, I had no idea you could have Google Earth
directly pulling the updated locations.  I do want the
paths, though, which aprskml does provide.

As for UI-View, sorry Andy, but this Google Earth
interface is actually for non-amateur people that are
going to be observing hikers as part of a research
project.  We're trying to reduce the amount of
software the observers need to install and configure. 
All of them already have Google Earth, so the simple
addition of aprskml plus Andrew's suggestions is the
solution they'd need.

Now, here's one thing the observers have asked for: 
track playback in Google Earth.  I demoed Xastir to
them (since I have Xastir on my machines) and they
like seeing the playback, but has anyone ever seen it
using Google Earth?

I'll have to play around with aprskml and see what it
can do.   Thanks for all the help, the observers will
be happy with this so far.  Now hopefully the research
work goes well.

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