[aprssig] San Diego Path Settings??

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 19 14:22:16 CST 2006

You're approaching this all wrong.

You are in an APRS dense area, no doubt!
Lot's of mountain-top digi's, you should be hearing

An almost continuously busy channel.  Get rid of the amp,

It's definitely *not* needed in San Diego!  Look at your

Antenna first.  It sounds as though you have an external

Antenna - PUT AN SWR METER ON IT, I'd bet a bottom

Dollar to a donut there's something wrong, most likely in

A crushed coax (do you run it in through a door closing

The door or a window on it?), loose connector, cold solder

Joint.  Once you've fixed the problem go back and change

Your path to WIDE2-1.  You should then hear hundreds of

Packets and your TX problem won't be a problem.  TX isn't

What's broken.


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de K1LPI-1,

Any one on the list using APRS in San Diego? It too me several days of
beaconing to get into the system. Only one packet and report reached FindU
and none since. I am at N32 47.79, W 117 13.67. Mission Bay at Campland.

I have tried wide1-1, wide2-2, and now trying relay,wide1-1,wide2-2. Hearing
very few packets on the frequency. Running 5 watts and a KenwoodTH-D7A.

Also tried running higher power with an amp. However, I wonder if the delay
on keying up drops bits? Is there a way to give a delay to the kenwood
before the first packet is sent?

73 de K1LPI-1

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