[aprssig] RE: San Diego Path Settings

Dave Aronovitz k1lpi at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 13:09:42 CST 2006

Thanks to the list for your advice on San Diego APRS paths.

Well, I think Ray owes me a bottom dollar. I do not have an swr meter but I have tested the entire RF path by easily working local FM voice repeaters in the San Diego area. Good signal reports, and a few reports of locals who can hear me on the input frequency as well.  I live in a trailer and there are large holes for coax pass throughs. No crushed coax here.  

As it turns out, using a path suggested by Cap Pennel, KE6AFE, of WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1, I seem to be getting more packets into the system.  Thanks Cap.

I will be on the move again on Saturday heading up to Corona CA and it will be interesting to see if my track appears on findu afterwards.

73 de K1LPI

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