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Tue Nov 21 11:46:30 CST 2006

This might not be an answer to your question, but is the interface spec
listed somewhere?  Better yet, could I get some sample data?  I'd be happy
to add support to the OpenTracker.  It'd probably need to be a custom
firmware build, probably sacrificing telemetry or some other feature to make
room, but it shouldn't be a big deal.

Once that's done, you could just integrate the OpenTracker chip with your
board (with a crystal and a few passives) and save yourself the trouble of
programming the APRS and Bell 202 stuff from scratch.  Or you could leave it
to the user to procure the kit separately.

The Tracker2 has a lot more code space and wouldn't need to sacrifice any
other features.  If the output from the DF unit is constant and automatic, I
can probably write some code to recognize it automatically.  The autobaud
function is working now, so you can plug an NMEA GPS receiver or Peet Bros
weather station into either serial port at any supported baud rate and it
just works.  I want to make it do that with as many input devices as


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> To all... I'm a new member and have no prior experience with 
> APRS or any
> packet modes, but I am considering something that might 
> interest folks here.
> I'm Bob Simmons, ( WB6EYV ) and I make the PicoDopp DF, which is a DSP
> Doppler DF with RS232 output and a GPS input.
>  I recently had cause to investigate packet and APRS technology for a
> potential customer, and I now think I could add automatic 
> APRS DF reporting
> to the PicoDopp, without too much trouble. ( or offer it as a separate
> optional board ) It would have a PTT output, an audio input 
> to check for
> channel = busy, and a tone output. I would also have to create an IBM
> program to set the semi-static variables ( like the user's call sign,
> destination address, etc. ) which would be stored in EE 
> memory of the PIC
> chip, and which would not change during normal operation. It 
> wouldn't be
> terribly easy to do all this, but I think also not terribly hard.
>  I want to solicit opinions and comments on this, and suggestions for
> features. I don't want to turn this into a major engineering 
> effort, but if
> there is an interest out there for such a beast, I probably 
> will pursue it.
> Offers to critique and test the design ( if I proceed ) would also be
> appreciated.
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