[aprssig] Opinions for a small ultra compact notebook PC?

carl szentes n9ibd.szentes at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 21 19:05:14 CST 2006

If any of the aprs users do find a Toshiba  Libretto, make sure it includes 
the docking adaptor model CAB0346A . There is no serial port on the basic 
unit. My note book is the Libretto 70CT and am pleased with it as a portable 
unit. Like many lap tops, the screen is washed out in bright light, and in 
my eyesight, need magnifying glasses to read the print. You are viewing a 
display intended for a 14 inch display on a Toshiba
3.75 in by 4.875 in ( 6.0 in diag )

73 Carl, N9IBD

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> On 11/15/06, Jack Chomley <radio at dodo.com.au> wrote:
>> I am looking for a windoze O/S based notebook PC for my APRS and data 
>> comms
>> station. Want to operate portable, reason for the small physical size.
>> Have  Toshiba E800 PDA, lack of a keyboard and decent software is a 
>> problem
>> so its no good me using a PDA.
> Search ebay for "Libretto".
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