[aprssig] WinAPRS to work with an MFJ 1278 tnc

Chris Bouck cbouck01 at twcny.rr.com
Thu Nov 23 16:31:51 CST 2006


   Thanks for the reply. I'm glad some folks are smarter than me. I guess I
have to show my ignorance. How would I go about doing this?



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Chris Bouck wrote: 

Does anyone know how to get WinAPRS to work with an MFJ 1278 tnc? I am
running Win 98SEand WinAPRS ver 2.75. I see stations on the screen, but when
I try to send a message, the tnc sends and radio seems to transmit, but when
I listen with another spare 2 meter rig on 144.390 - there is no packet
burst? What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated? 

Perhaps you don't have enough audio from the TNC to modulate the transmitter
Try adjusting the audio level


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