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[aprssig] GPS recommendation

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Fri Nov 24 18:48:25 UTC 2006

K7RJR John wrote:

>I just found out that I will be receiving a new GPS for Christmas.  I
>presently have 2 hockey puck type GPSs and a 9 year old Eagle hand held
>but would like to use one of the new mapping GPSs that provide route
>information, preferably  one with voice guidance.  Such as the Magellan
>Roadmate 2000, Tom Tom,  Garmin 300+, etc.  I'll be using a D-700 and
>want to use the GPS to show the received stations' icons on the map
>I've been searching the web and can't find anything to indicate this
>will be possible with the newest devices.  Any help will be appreciated.

   You're not going to have any luck with any of the "modern" mapping 
GPS's, except perhaps for aviation units.  The only new mapping GPS out 
there with NMEA input/output that I'm aware of is the Avmap G4T, and it 
has gotten some really poor reviews on other lists I'm on, like the D700 
list on Yahoo Groups.

- Rich

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